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    Mar 30, 2012
    SE Missouri
    I have 3 runs of chickens
    In one 10 ft x 2 ft run there are 3 brahmas all about 17 weeks old 2 cockrels and one pullet
    .To me its odd I never see them foreage.
    They go eat but never are looking around the run curious or bother to see what ithrow in.
    All they do is lay under the coop which a foot off the ground and fenced and look out
    .I have moved the run before and it still doesnt seem to inspire foraging.I dont let them run loose because of preditors, lots of hawks mostly and im pretty sure i cant catch them at least 2 of them as they are flighty .
    Also they wont go in their coop at night . Its about a ft off the ground Its been 3 weeks or more l have to put them in
    .My others went in theris in 4 days
    There is a ladder and a platform in front of the doorway
    They come out but every night i have to run them from beneath the coop to where i can grab them and put them in

    The pullet went in on her own once when i put the roos in. Not again
    My other chickens are always looking for somthing in their coops and runs
    I have fodder and treats I scatter for them all off and on all day These arent excited when i do just lay and look at me and later calmly walk over to see
    The rest are pacing waiting for it to come.
    Just odd..
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    I would try keeping the food in the coop and see if they get used to thinking of that as home.

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