Is two hens too few to be happy?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Coykoi, Nov 19, 2016.

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    So happy to use all three two-too-to's in one sentence :)

    I bought 4 female chicks to hopefully get three hens to adulthood, but ended up with two roos. I'm going to have to send the roos away, so I'll then be left with only two hens. I'm worried that having only two birds is going to be stressful for the girls. I don't want to get more chicks until the spring and by then the girls will be grown (they're currently 9-10 weeks old), and less likely to accept new pullets. Anyone have input if a flock of only two would be too small for the birds to feel secure?

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    Dont know about that.Chickens are very social animals.Having a very secure predator proof chicken proof may help.Those two chickens that you have right now are will soon be best buddies i once got two chickens that lived together there whole life and added them to my flock,they still are always with each other every day,While they might be happier with more chickens i think they will be fine with each other.
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    I had the same bad luck tried to get 4 hens end up with 3 Roos and tried again right away and ended up with 3 more Roos. I wanted to stick with the same type of birds so my one hen was alone for 2 1/2 months. I found she did ok in that time with out anyone, just got my other hens the other day at first she was a little pain to them but in less then 3 days they are all getting along fine just had to keep an eye on the older one and make sure she was not going over board and when she did I just stepped in. I think it all depends on the type of breed you have.
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    I got a kick out of the "two-too-to's" too..haha!

    They'll probably be fine's when there's only one that you can run into problems.
    They are flock animals so prefer at least one companion.

    Even now they would likely not accept new birds well.
    As much as they are flock animals, they also regard newcomers as a threat to their space and resources(food/water). It's all about territory.

    It's best to have some separate but adjacent space to integrate new birds.
    Lots of different ways to do it.
    I learned this year that integrating younger(4 weeks) works very well, despite previous belief that you had to wait until new birds were of a size/age. But you still need separate space to begin with...and lots of space overall.

    Read up on integration..... BYC advanced search>titles only>integration
    This is good place to start reading, tho some info is outdated IMO:

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