ISA hens and a Rhode Island Red rooster?

Sister Melissa

In the Brooder
Jun 3, 2020
Hello. Just looking to see if anyone can confirm my hunches about what kind and sex of chickens we have. We got them from Tractor Supply as chicks with the impression that they are all leghorn hens, but they appear to be 6 ISA hens and possibly 1 Rhode Island Red rooster. They are 7-8 weeks old. The 6 brown ones tend to all hang around each other and are all about the same size, one is a little smaller. The one red one who we think is a rooster is smaller and more timid than the rest, and tends to hang out by himself more/separate himself more from the rest, though cries when completely alone. If he’s a rooster, he’s the biggest baby of them all. We only think he’s a rooster because of his impressive comb and waddles and he definitely less friendly to us humans than the others. He’s not aggressive but he does bite.

Here photo of the 6 in a tree who we think are all ISA hens. And a photo of the 1 we think is a RIR rooster. Any thoughts?



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