Isn't it funny when you look at something and go "ahh chicken...."


7 Years
Apr 12, 2012
Old Lyme CT
My aunt just gave me a big, like 3 x4 heavy coffee table that she didn't want anymore it has water marks on it...I looked at that table and thought "gee that would make a nice little off the ground small COOP for the baby chicks I'm adding,,,cover the top, slap some siding around it....wait till I tell my husband my idea, I'm sure he'll groan:)
im exactly the same

I look at anything construction and think

YES i'll have that if your chucking it away

and when asked what I need it for

im like

UMMM well I just need it and after a lot of badgering

I fess up

for my chicken coop

recently I acquired enough wood sheets to cover a 6mX2m run roof which is wire at the moment and now will be enclosed and felted

also from same person loads of angled steel

that will be used to make a Acrylic brooder for chicks with the steel used for joining the corners

last year I took 2 cot beds for the chicken and a side table

and last week took loads of quality wood slats which will be used for chicken

its crazy

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