Isn't that just like a chicken?


8 Years
Jun 12, 2011
DFW, Texas
So I was standing on a ladder, painting the outside of the new coop - that we will hopefully finish in a couple of days.

And my DH comes out and says, "There's a chicken inside the coop."

And I said, "NOOOOOOO!"

And he said, "And they got in the paint..."

And I said, "NO,NO,NO,NO!!!"

All the people doors were closed - but the pop door was open since we'd been working on the ramp.

And Precious left me something to remember her by... no, not that (Yuk!), but this:



I got most of it off her feet and beak (she evidently thought it was yogurt).
I checked on her off and on all day, so I guess she's all right. It was white Barn Paint - supposed to be safe for livestock...but I don't think they had that in mind. Think she'll be ok?

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Please, please, please don't paint that floor -- oh, wait, guess it'll be covered in shavings and poop soon enough, But you've given me a decorating idea: gonna dip my hen's feet in some different colors of paint and jazz up my coop with foot prints. Hope she doesn't mind!!
I think that's about the funniest thing I've seen all day. What a great floor! Too bad it will be covered with shavings or bedding litter of some type.

Ah well. Here's to hoping she'll be fine - as I suspect she will be.
I actually have heavy-duty clear vinyl (like the thick vinyl for tent windows) to cover the floor, so every time I clean out the coop, I'll see those chicken trax and laugh.

You BYCers weren't kidding when you said to plan on it taking 3 or 4 times as long as I thought to build this coop! And even longer if the chickens help!

Me And Jack - I love the idea of chicken trax on the walls... Maybe a stencil? Too bad mine are under shavings...

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