Isnt there always one?

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    May 8, 2008
    I just got in from cleaning the coop and I swear they are like toddlers. Well especially Audrey(BO). [​IMG] Yeah, the one I bring into the house and brought to have her picture taken at Petco.

    I am out there with the window open, the front door cracked for light and ventilation and every other word out of my mouth was
    "Audrey dont do that"
    "Audrey stop it"
    "Audrey leave that alone"
    "Audrey get out of there"
    "Mae.. get away from there"
    "Mae.. Audrey... for the love of the gods! Knock it off!"
    "Audrey! Do NOT jump on my head!!!"
    "Audrey get OFF ME!"

    Vivian(Cochin) was walking around watching me and singing. She is very cool about everything. Natalie(Australorp) was outside in the run ignoring me. Olivia (BO) was with Nat. Mae(BO) and Audrey were "helping" me.

    Now Audrey doing this isnt really a shocker. She has always been very "people orientated" But then Mae coming in and getting underfoot.. that was new. She was always very stand offish until she began laying. Now she is right there waiting for pats. I dont go out with treats frequently,, so it cant be all that.

    Anyone over hearing me form the back yard that either knows or not about the girls must think I am nuts. But they are such brats
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    [​IMG] You remind me of how everything is with my guys! I walk out every day and have to remind my boys of their place, so I walk up to Dash, my monster-


    -And yell, "Alright chooks! Time to let you out to eat before you all die of starvation. Sadly by the time I'm done with Dash, he's going to wish he were dead." I can almost see the look on his face, [​IMG] .

    Or how every day I walk into the coop and have to brace myself for Super Woodstock and her flying lessons that just aren't paying off...


    Ahh...chicken humor never gets friends think I've lost it.
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    Feb 15, 2008

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