ISO Bantam pullet chicks - northern NJ


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Aug 15, 2016
I'm looking for Bantam pullets and I'm located in northern New Jersey. Willing to drive if nearby.

We recently ordered 5 chicks from Ideal Poultry and ALL were cockerels! We really can't go through that again and would love to just welcome some chicks into our family.

Bantams are always straight run. So there’s always the chance that you end up with mostly or all cockerels. MyPetChicken is the only place around that I know of that sells sexed bantam chicks. You may try there. They ship from Ohio.
I've ordered from mypetchicken before. I don't think I will use them again. I love my birds, but I got more roosters than I wanted/needed and their quality isn't that great.
Most hatcheries don't breed for quality, Although I have gotten all my chickens from Mypetchicken and have been very happy with them, Ordered 60 chicks and got 62, Two of them were cockerels, Mypetchicken sells sexed bantams as well but are a little pricey.
I have a friend in MD that visits us once a year. Too bad she's in Baldwin, which is almost 3 hours from you. Going to keep hoping for someone more local. Thanks though.

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