ISO breeding duo/trio... fibromelanism breeds


Jun 10, 2020
Sylva, North Carolina
I’ve been selling my mixed flock hatching eggs on eBay & it’s been a complete hit...& turns out that I also love boxing up the eggs & sending them to buyers, while
I have a large flock full of different pure breeds creating mixed breed babies.... but now I’m interested in getting rare (ish) breeds to only breed within themselves. Preferably hens that are already laying. Is there a go-to breeder on BYC? I’ve been very interested in the ayam cemani’s & Mosaic... they are beautiful. Or any frizzled/sizzled bantam hens. Pure Ameracauna’s would be awesome, too. The breeds I have now are:
•Silver laced Wyandotte
•Asian Black
•Buff Brahma
•Easter Egger
•Black copper Maran (rooster)
•Silver Spangled Hamburg (rooster)
•Sizzle Cochin (bantam with head floof)

I’ve also thought about finding black copper Maran hens & silver spangled Hamburg hens to at least get more of these beauties into my flock, plus the Maran dark chocolate brown eggs!

picture of my big beautiful boy for attention purposes

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