ISO Chicken Coop Builder in the : Seminole, Orange, Lake or Volusia Counties area


May 2, 2015

I'm looking for a chicken coop builder in the local vicinity, I have $270 budgeted for the coop and X amount for the chickens. So far I have found coops ranging in price from 199 - 5000.. I have been looking at the A frame tractor style, since its labeled the cheapest to build, is movable and secure. I was planning on 3 hens + 1 rooster. Chicken choices: orpingtons or barred rocks either standards or bantams.

I found this model at Tractor Supply and have read the bad reviews. But sometimes you just have to get what you can afford.. I don't mind paying a local guy instead of a chain store, I know there are ways to trim the fat without losing the function and security.. But again I have what I have, to spend.

I'm sure someone out there builds affordable no frills coops for those on fixed or limited incomes due to the economy..

Thanks in advance :)
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