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    Jul 30, 2014

    I'm in far northeast Fort Worth and looking for a duck suave person to care for my Doodles (formally known as Qwackerjack) for a week in January 2015.

    Doodles is 3 months old & spends most of his day and all night in the house. He is kennel trained (when he feels like it) - "go to your room" and he usually goes to the kennel, LOL. He spends part of his day in the kitchen/dining room (easy mop up tile), and has 2-3 hours each morning & evening in our back yard paddling around in his kiddy pool or nibbling the lawn.
    Issue is, I incubated/hatched him & he's very needy of human companionship, he's never seen another duck. He's ok in his kennel overnight or a few hours I'm out running errands but will do best if he has someone who can spend time within his sight.
    Oh, and he's not diaper trained yet but we will be working on that next week. :/

    I know this is a tall order to fill which is why I'm starting my search now, LOL.




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