Isolated Aggressive Hens

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    But Now what????

    Reintroduced Foghorn to the other 3 hens after being apart for 10 days. She exerted her dominance over the lowest on the totem pole, so they are fine now. The 2nd hen is being dominant, but not very aggressive. The lead hen is jumping on her back and attacking her. Of course Foghorn thinks I'm her buddy now, so she keeps flying onto my shoulder to escape. Took a page out of my duck 'book' and separated the 2 aggressive ones into a dog run in the chicken run. They can see each other and interact, but no one can attack. Foghorn and Jean are free to roam. This worked perfectly with my aggressive duck. Problem is what do I do now? I have to put them back in their coop tonight and not sure how to manage that......let the free hens go in and put the aggressive 2 in after dark or put Foghorn in a dog carrier in the coop at night after dark so she'll just settle in in the carrier? Or just let them be and sort it out themselves? If it was warmer, I'd leave it the way it is, but it is really getting cold tonight and I don't like them out of the coop. PTSD anyone? And that's me........The chickens will probably be fine...

    The ducks just totally treated her like they do the chickens...mostly ignored.

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    Sorry you never got an answer. If I'd seen this, I wouldn't have known what to suggest, anyway. So how did it all turn out?

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