Isolated Pullet


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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
I have a small backyard flock. Originally 3 birds, and added 2 more yesterday very near in age. Initially the 2 new ones sort of hung back together, but today one of them has joined the other birds and they are all doing well. The other one has been isolating herself (supposedly a her) from the other birds and has not been very active. Are there things I can look for to see if there's something wrong, or should I try to take her to a vet or what? She doesn't have an engorged crop, which is the only physical symptom I know to look for.
She may just be wary of the other birds. How old are they?

If she's sick, some things to look for are: glassy eyes, drooping tail, runny nose, hunched back.

My guess is that she's just trying to get used to hew new flockmates. Giving them all treats to eat together may help them bond. Hope that helps.

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