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    Apr 26, 2009
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    My 5 month old EE had a run in with a dog yesterday. She made it out exhausted and short a few tail feathers but otherwise fine. Evidently the other two chickens took this chance to knock her off the top of the pecking order. Her comb was bleeding and torn and she had small cut on her forehead when I took them out of the coop this morning. Anyway, they free ranged together fine today but I was going to bring her in tonight, treat the wound again and bring her back out in the morning. She FLIPPED out. Panting, flapping, crying, burying her head in my arms. She totally refused to let me put her down. She latched on to me with every ounce of strength she had. There was no chance I could get her in the crate (huge dog crate with nice soft blankets, food & water). I sat with her for an hour with no improvement. So, I waited until the girls outside were asleep and put her back out. I checked twice and everyone is asleep.

    So, I'm planning to open the coop up at about 5, before the sun comes up. I'm hoping to catch them before they wake and start to peck her again. Tell me this will work........
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    Oh, the poor baby. I hope it works for you and her. If you will be home tomorrow you may want to go out when they are getting up to make sure they don't pick on her anymore. Good luck to you and her. [​IMG]
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    Can you put her in a crate inside the coop? move it to the run during the day? That way she can be "with" her flockmates, but still safe from them. This worked really well for a sick chick I had--when I tried to separate her, she was miserable.

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