issue with leghorn legs!


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8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
my gorgeous white leghorn hen has REALLY rough and wierd legs - the scales do not sit flat and normally, instead extremly high, and rough.

is there any cure for this? a simple cream?
it doesn't seem to affect her well being, she is still really happy, but i want to show her, probably next year, as there aren't many more ag shows, and i have no local contacts for poultry shows...

another thing i've noticed is her spurs: she is definantly a hen - she lays eggs, and does not crow, but i've noticed that her spurs are REALLY long...
is this a bad show quality? is there a way to make them smaller without hurting the hen??


8 Years
May 28, 2011
Foothills of NC
Sounds like scaly leg mites. I'd give her a good coating of flea and tick shampoo and massage it in. Rinse it off in warm water and apply a thick coat of Vaseline to smother and kill the mites. Repeat the vaseline every day until the boogers are gone. It may take some time to see improvement though.

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