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May 23, 2011
So this is my second hatch in my little LG. I feel my hatch rate is good but I am having an issue with lockdown. This time may be extenuating circumstances. I went on vacation for a couple of days and my eggs sat for 5 days and were not turned. The problem I am having is they start hatching early so far it has been 2 days prior to the date I am suppose to go into lock down. I do have bantam and full size EE in together but it is both that are hatching early. The only problem with this is I am using the dry hatch method so my humidity is not where it is suppose to be when they start hatching. Also they are hatching over a long period of time and I think I may have dumped some live babies last time. This time I am giving them a full week prior to shutting it all down. How long is the longest time you have let eggs go past their hatch date? My babies seem really healthy. So far I have lost one in the egg it start to hatch then just stopped and died. I also think I may lose another one it looked to me like his yolk sac has ruptured he is still alive but doesnt look good. Hubby and I both agree we will just let nature take its course. I was pretty happy though I got my first egg out of my show birds and it hatched it is so so tiny but full of energy. He/she is a golden sebright (sp). I honestly dont think I have ever seen a chick this tiny in person. LOL


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Most say 25 days is the longest, but you will occasionally hear a miracle story of a chick hatching on day 28... Most are done by 25 though.


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I would say 5 days after the 21st should be enough time, but what i would do before discarding the eggs is candle them see if you can see any progress or movement, if so give them some more time and wait..

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