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  1. I spend much of my time here in the Pests and Predators section, not because I've had a problem but because I'm new to chickens and I don't want to lose birds.

    I'm posting a few pics and a link to some thoughts on Predation as it relates to fencing of birds. I know that chain link and poultry wire have some worthy applications, but time after time we hear about losses and heartache. This is what I was urged to do, by those who know. I hope others will post what was foolproof for them! [​IMG]






  2. Guitartists

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    Mar 21, 2008
    I am thinking of doing one of those clear roofs like you have! How has that worked out? Is it tough? I am worried about animals chewing or breaking pieces off until they can squeeze through the top. Have you had any problems with it? How does it hold up to snow? How much of an angle is it set at?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    May 23, 2008
    not that it's going to affect my own coop building plan, as i'm just renovating an existing shed, but i'm curious about using any kind of wire for the flooring. does that really work for people? i'd think the mesh would get hopeless clogged with poo.

    Is it tough? I am worried about animals chewing or breaking pieces off until they can squeeze through the top. Have you had any problems with it? How does it hold up to snow?

    there are several materials it can be made of but all of them are pretty rugged. they're generally PVC or fiberglass. a lot of people use them as shed roofs in this area and i've not yet seen one collapsed from snow. we do get a lot of snow.​
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    That is exactly what I was looking for, how did you bury the floor part of the run? do you have any pictures of the making of this run?? PLease I do need your advice about it.

    ....also, tell me who is Pricilla, is she a Sultan or a Polish?? She is sooo beautiful and you should get publlished...very impressive.
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    The corrugated fiberglas or plastic roofing is nice, but if you attach it to rafters running the *length* of the piece (parallel to the corrugations) rather than to stringers going *across* it, you are compromising a lot of its strength and not making proper use of the corrugation feature.

    Just a thought,

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    Very nice work. The only thing that leaps out at me is the bottom planks should go to the bottom, grade level.

    I know you have the wire going below grade, but a determined pred can pull an tug and work at the wire if it is accessible. Perhaps you should add one more course of treated wood to the bottom.
  7. About the roof- we put in roof joists 1' apart. We considered cross pieces but opted to go for the greater number of supports and used plastic 'furring strips that fit the corrugated parts. We still need to block the outside edge against predators. Since it's summer here we'll have to experiment with snow, but the company warranties the product for snow load. It's very slippery and shed water well, so we're hoping it will be good and it's widely used in our northern climate. The owner of our hardware store recommended it- he uses it on his run.

    The building of the run is shown on my home page, linked below. Priscilla is a Polish and Mother T is a member here, from Alaska. Thanks! (check out Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain to see Priscilla as she is now).

    About the planks coming out at the base- because of our climate we don't touch earth with structures like this. Clearance and attachment to metal fixtures over concrete supports prevent rot. We thought about electric wire around the outside at ground level, still considering it.

    Someone mentioned 1/2" wire as a floor. I wouldn't want to do that either, but we did think about extending the wire under the run, buried, it would have been expensive but worth it. I do think the mesh is worth having under plank floors if they are dirt below, or under raised coops where a predator could chew up into a coop. It's also good to cover ventilation holes, though you have to seal the edges well, preferably with poultry staples.

    We ran into bedrock and opted to burn up to 2' by digging a trench and laying the wire in and anchoring with heavy rocks at the base before refilling. I think skunks could dig under it and concrete would be an improvement. We plan to have the birds in before sunset and since the base of the barn is concrete we're hoping to be okay. Everything there is double-doored and often triple-latched. Fingers crossed.
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    May 23, 2008
    Quote:ah! i was fooled by your picture into thinking the floor was wire. i guess it's an optical illusion from the wall wire? i was thinking "man, i'm sure it'll help with predators, but that sucker's going to be solid with poo!" [​IMG]

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