It is safe to leave my dog with my chickens?


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Nov 11, 2013
My dog has been around my chickens since day 1. Since they were a week old they were sleeping on her. She has never seemed really interested in eating them, but I am wondering if it is safe to leave her outside while they free range. Like will she be enough to keep hawks away? She has protected my chicks from my other dog (a bit dumber and not trustworthy around chickens) but would she be able to protect them from hawks. We also have bald eagles, but I haven't seen either in a long time.

We have a fenced in backyard and lots of bushes to hide in, as well as a 50 square foot covered run that is always open for them.
My pitbull is around my five free range girls unattended all of the time. He's interested in the new chicks but only to smell them. He only 10 months old and he does a pretty good job of protecting them.
You are the only one who knows whether or not your dog is trustworthy enough to be left with the chickens. If you trust her, she could be helpful in keeping them safe from hawks and other predators. Having lots of hiding places for them helps, too.
Great! Do you ever leave the house when he is with them? Like if you have to run an errand?
All of the time. He has a dog door and comes and goes as he pleases. Chickens are out all day. He comes in and sits on the floor for an hour or so and goes out to check on them and comes right back in and naps.
My dogs are only interested in baby baby chicks, my 7 weekers they already leave alone. I totally trust my lap Shepard byt my jack russell would attack them 10 out of 100 times. So he isn't allowed by himself around them when they free range, but big girl is. Just gotta judge your dog
If you believe they are safe with him then you could try. My unfortunate story is pretty similar to yours though, I ended up being to comfortable with my dog around my chickens and after being around them since day old chicks and never expressing much interest in them he ended up killing my entire flock one morning. You may be in a better position since your pup is still quite young.

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