it reeked


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
I opened the incubator tonight to turn the eggs and omg it stunk. like repellent of a major kind bad. bad enough the dogs ran reeked.
I rotated 2, and when I got to the had dried yoke on the back side near the top. There were no cracks in it at all, it looks like it seeped through the shell.
I have candles burning. I sprayed febreeze. It still reeks and the dogs are hiding in the back yard.
and hubby is threatening to strangle me.
and hide my incubator forever.
and did I mention it reeks. bad.
duck&chickencrazy :

take it out now!!! very carefully!!! it could explode!!

I took it out. put it in a ziplock bag. then another ziplock bag then another one then in a plastic grocery sack tied closed and then in the garbage can which is now outside in the big bin. and my eyes are watering from it.
Could it really explode?​
Kinda gross, I must say. Nobody mention this to my husband or he'll make me get the incubator and stored eggs out of our bedroom closet and bathroom!!

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