It was a rough day here in ABQ

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    You know, we send our loved ones to work with lunch and a "I love you". Man, tomorrow I am going to add about a bazillion more "I love you"s to the routine. The shooting that made national news, well, it was a parking lot away from my husband. He called me this morning from an engineering meeting to tell me that the building was in lock down due to a shooting next door. They weren't released until around 3:30. It was such a huge reality check to remember that someone else's choices could permanently change a persons life forever. I was so glad to see DH home tonight!

    I feel deeply sorry for the folks that were killed/wounded and traumatized. What a sad sad day for them.

    Here's the link to the AP story :
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    So glad that he was safe.... how scary!
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    Thanks guys. Today sending him off to work was just a little more difficult. What's hard is, even though I knew he was never in danger per se, it was just so close to home that it gave me the shivers.

    It's funny what shock will do to folks. Since so many in our family have military service it was amusing to see folks ready to give an old fashioned redneck whoopin' to the dude. Totally illogical and totally not happening, but you don't mess with one of ours. Not even from a distance! Goofy how the mind skitters when you're stressed and can't do anything about it.

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