It was so cold that.....

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    Well, you had to be there I think but this is the story.....

    I Hope I can tell this story and make sense, but here goes...I laughed so hard today I choked when dear hubby was telling me about it.

    Monday my sis hard boiled three eggs. Two from the store and one brown one from one of my girls. I told her she would probably have a heck of a time peeling ours, so she didnt bother, just peeled the two store bought, put them in some tuna salad and put the other one on the counter. Well I was putting up things after lunch and put the egg in the door, just lying there, hard boiled but unpeeled.

    Well to give you some background, dear hubby when he collects the eggs, also just lays them in the fridge door for me to put away later. So....later I "forgot" about the hard boiled one, and was putting up the girls eggs he had collected in the door into the egg carton so... also ended up putting the cooked egg back in the carton too, forgetting totally one was cooked.

    So, dear hubby goes to uncrack it this morning, and he cracks the eggs with a knife. He had this thing split all the way around, and finally thought, well this egg is frozen, and didnt want to crack any more, cuz the darned temps have been SO cold, he thought maybe ALL the eggs were "frozen".

    He was telling me this story at lunch today, and I started cracking up! Since he is from South America and he is not familiar with what the cold weather does to chickens, he just thought, "hmmm, guess THAT is what happens to chicken eggs that get too cold". I was laughing so hard I started crying as he was reciting this story, as I realized the egg he had cracked was the hard boiled one and NOT frozen! [​IMG]

    After I stopped choking...I told him it WASN'T frozen, that it was hardboiled and and I was the ONE who had accidentally put it back in the egg carton, and THAT is why the egg was "weird". I had totally spaced that hard boiled egg, when I realized what I had done and dear hubby was clueless, I had tears I was laughin so much. He was genuinely puzzled, which made me giggle all the harder, as he started telling me the eggs were frozen or "something"!, and THAT is how bad this darned weather is, etc.....! He honestly thought ALL the eggs had a "Problem" since the weather has been so cold. [​IMG]
    p.s.: dh HATES this cold weather!

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    [​IMG] This is hilarious! I would be busting up at the seams too! [​IMG]

    It gets cold here too so I totally relate...:mad:


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