It's a BABY!!!

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  1. 8 eggs due yesterday, under a crabby broody... I went out this afternoon, and while there was a dead squashed baby stuck with the eggs, and one egg is BAD looking (looks like 1/2 is just membrane... and chick inside is dead), there are 2 perfect little chickies!!! One is yellow, and one looks yellow and grey... the choices are: Delaware, java, cochin, EE and RIR... I don't know which two hatched, I'll keep y'all posted if more hatch!

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    She looks like a very protective mommy. [​IMG]
  3. Yes, she practically took my hand off when I was peeking around. Not sure how I'm going to extract the dead chick and the unhatched eggs... might have to use pliers or something (can't touch gross stuff). I'd love to just move the good chicks and mama, then dump the rest in the woods somewhere... but I think that is kind of sad. Either way, I am desperate to see what is happening in the morning! I for sure saw another egg with a tiny little hole!!!
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    Congratulations on your new babies. I hope you have another in the morning. I'm sorry that the others died [​IMG] . Maybe you can sneak them out when its dark outside. She may not fight you as much.
  5. weird thing is, the only kind of cochin eggs I got were White Cochin... the little grey baby has furry legs, so it must be a cochin right? Delaware, java, cochin, EE and RIR are the eggs I set... none other have furry legs, right?

    It's the one in the picture.
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