It's been a long-long time away from my feathered friends.


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8 Years
May 25, 2011
Holyoke CO
The chickens were my chore on our farm back in Iowa when I was about knee high to a legern. Now retired (from a job that is), and living on a farm again, I am indulging in my passion for self-sufficiency. About a month ago I stopped by a neighbors to see what breed of chickens he has, curious about what breeds do well in our region, Northeastern Colorado. Now I'm in a tight race to transform a deteriorating outbldg into a coop before my four 5 week old crossbreeds (from that same neighbor) out grow the dog kennel and the 11 Ameraucans get here this weekend. Gettin there.
The remainder of my time has been spent getting a garden in and trying to keep the mullies, pocket gophers and rabbits out. The deer-terrent fence seems to be working, now for the rabbits and gophers.

17 years married to a very tolerant man who shares my passion for self sufficiency and indulges the rest.
2 spastic cats, 4 crossbreed chicks, and soon to add 10 Ameraucana ladies and 1 Roo, 3 mullie does, ??? rabbits.
BYC is such an awesome site. Great people with a plethora of knowledge and the willingness to share.
I happened onto BYC while trying to determine what breed my four little fuzz-balls are.

Life is good.

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