Its cute but why do they do it?

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    Today when they all where going to bed i looked in there and my wanna be mommy a buff orpington had her wing over a little game hen still a baby up on the highest roost!My golden laced cochin banty hen was the foster mother. She hatched 2 little game chicks when they got a little older thay would run in and out of the forest playing.And at that time the buff hen was a wanna be broody.Sitting on 18 eggs and each night the chicks would get under her. They would play all day they would clim up in trees run from predators .But sadly one day I came home and someones dogs was lose and.....Killed the bigger one.But at that time the buff hen failed to hatch any chicks so she took care of the last chick!She defended it like her own shared food with it saved a spot on the roost for it and when the little game hen would get on there the buff hen would put here wing over it. And my little game bantam rooster would do that same thing to his serama hen. So is it out of like freindship or a special bond?Out of love only a coupul of chickens will do it here.Here is a pic of the foster mommy when the chick was new to the world.
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    Hope you took care of that dog, it'll only be back the next time it's left 'out'.
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    I had one broody "adopt" four chicks (who were being brooder raised, close to her nest) when they were already several weeks old, and mother them for another month, or try to. Also, three successive mamas of the same breed took over raising the chicks when the first, then the second one was taken. They were Kraienkoppes.

    You just never know.

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