Its hatching!!! polish UPDATE more chicks!


12 Years
Aug 14, 2007
OMG this is my first incubator hatch....and as im sitting her at the computer being all quiet...I keep hearing this chirping, so I get up and look and one has done the initial poke in the shell, and is rocking the shell and chirping!! HOW EXCITING!!! OMG lol

So I guess I just wait things out from here long will it take for it to come out??

Thanks so much!!

UPDATE as of this morning, there are 3 chicks! Dont seem to be drying out as well as I had thought, but are doing well. Humidity is about 70, but no water droplets or anything on the incubator window. Looks like I have 2 Gl polish so far and 1 sl polish! wooh hooo!!!!
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Well it's been my experience that it's a really long wait & so as I finally give in to go say make dinner or even go potty THAT is when the chick with zip out! LOL Seriously it could be minutes or it could be hours... But it's certainly a site to see when it zips.
aww man..hours..I have to go to work in a few lol. Hopefully before then. Looks like it has calmed down a little. I think its taking a break...It really had the egg rocking, and was making a lot of noise lol
Just a few questions..

The chicks is totally out, and has been out since about 3 ish...chicks is still very wet, is this normal, and how long does it take to dry out inside the bator?

also, chick is kicking around the other eggs like bowling balls that ok? what to do?

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