It's like The Brady bunch with chickens...


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
Im Clif I have a 9yr old son and a yellow lab...
My girlfriend is Brooke she has her own 8yr old son,Both our boys have names that begin with C. So we are Brooke and the Cmen;)
We just moved into our new house as a Family and wanted to get Chickens.
we did some research and now have a coop,feed, calcium chips?
bedding? the lady at our local feed store said wood chips work best? she also said no cedar chips, It apparently irritates the eyes?

The best part of this story:
we found a add in craigslist that a little boy had raised 3 foster farms chicks
to sell..Brooke went over board and replied like it was a adoption.
LoL. We ended being selected to take two of his remaining chicks,
The day of delivery one chick jumped from a three story balcony

ending its life... (not the best part) BTW this will be an open adoption with chicken b-day party and all!
Me being a man and impatient had already arranged to buy four chickens (Americanas??)
So our Brady bunch family has four chickens raised together,
One sad orphan chicken,two young boys from different Familys and two very caring parents.
Stay tuned for the follow up Story.......
"Sunny the yellow lab meets his new chickens"
See Ya! Thanks for this forum...Clif
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Ok...our update

Sunny the Dog (yellow lab) likes the chickens,and how they taste?
So we have changed our plans and have seperated the chickens area from the main yard!
They also got a serious upgrade in the housing area...
they are now living big in a huge 20'x24' coop equiped with 8 nesting beds,with egg catchers! ( I hope they work?)
I remember always seeing swings in bird cages so I gave them a huge Chicken swing. LOL
We named them also..
We have:
Barbie Q chicken she is red and brown
Cordia blue Chicken she is blue and grey
Omlet chicken (our adopted chicken) previously named by her proud 9yr old little boy legal parent.

Ninja "star" chicken she is very active and fast as hell! Cant catch her, cant find her! I swear she is a ninja!
and last but not least Snow "white" chicken she is our largest but very pollite and a total loaner!
Brooke should be taking over from this point!
thank you again!

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