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  1. my GF is a huge Tony Stuart fan so she gets the orange model. Im building one more for me and it will be camo for the nieghbors(as they dont live in chicken country). I got very creative when I redesigned my chicknhutch, and made all the trick egg floors and such. this is the scaled down, build in 3-5 day version, simple and functional.
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  2. [​IMG]
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    It's cute! I love the color scheme. [​IMG]

    And by the way, just paste your image code, select it (as if you were going to delete it), and then click the "img" button above to have it show up in the post.
  4. Im still learning the photobucket thing. I wanted hers to look like a barn, but got tons of brownie points for the orange color. Just went in Home Depot, pointed at their sign and asked for a gallon. It is now in use holding our flock while I make one more( why am I here???). My chicknhutch coop was my masterpiece, but its now 75 miles away.
    Anyway, the whole thing is 4x10x4' and the coop is 2' of that. Its built of 2x2" and 3/4" plywood. The POULTRY NETTING is secured with 3/4" poultry netting staples and is double-layered on top in case the dogs jump on it. I tested the chicken wire with my Lab-mix(who will swim after and ,once, catch ducks:mad:) and my jack russell terrier( who will kill any small furry,feathery animal he comes across) and after a week, with two very nervous chickens inside, it has held up 100%. The dogs just sit and watch now because they know they cant get in, and Ive never seen my jack just give up. and the chickens almost know the dogs cant get them.
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    Hmmmm, it's missing something....the UT Vols logo! [​IMG]
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    I Love It!!!!! Tony Stewart is the Man, lol. I have two dogs named after him, one is "Smoke" and the new pup is "Rocket" after the Rushville Rocket, my kids think I am out of my mind, lol. I just may have to do the Home Depot color scheme on my coop. "GO TONY"
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    looks great,!!!
    Can you show a daytime shot from the side? Ide love to see it from that view too.
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    3-5 days???? can you come to my house for a while?

    great looking "chicken environment". can't wait to get mine done.
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    Yours looks similar in design to what I am doing, but you will put me to shame in the attractiveness column. It looks great!

  10. thats whats nice about being self employed. I always have one or three projects going on, and I can usually work stuff into my schedule. and if I need to go to work, the days are getting longer now, so theres evenings. Already this afternoon I got the second coop all framed up. saturday Ill make the house, and sunday will be finishing touch like some trim and the latches, then in the afternoon Ill paint it. So that leaves monday and tuesday evenings for the chicken wire. I like to take my time and get it real tight so it also helps to support the frame. so when all is said and done, with +/-4hrs a day of work, it will be done on the fifth day.
    Ive had jobs in different areas of construction since Ive been in the work force, so Im pretty good with building things, and I must have either no patience or OCD because once I get an idea in my head, I want it now and will do whatever it takes to get it done. Plus my chickens are getting bigger and stinkier, so its time for the ones well keep to start living in their coops, and almost time for the ones that era going to chicken heaven(my belly) to make that final journy.

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