Its not to late to hatch some guineas! NPIP clean.

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    I have a large flock of mixed color guineas. I am still getting a dozen eggs or more a day. Fertility has been nearly 100% this year. In fact I had a couple broody hens get a 100% successful hatch. I am about done incubating for the year and would be happy to share some eggs. Price is $12.00 a dozen plus shipping. I bubble wrap each egg carefully and try to ship them standing up so the air sacks will hopefully stay in place. They have shipped very well this year. I have only recieved one report of one broken chicken egg this year. I have recieved reports of good hatches as well. As with all shiped eggs I have also recieved reports of fair and poor hatches. I will guarantee that you will recieve the number of eggs you ordered free of cracks. I can not guarantee your hatch in any way. Flock colors include Bronze, Buff, Buff Dundotte, Pinto, Pewter, Blonde, Chocolate, And Pearl. Please send me your zipcode to calculate postage.
    Thanksd for looking!
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