It's official! New chickie mama here (me) Pics........


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
Finally, after months and months lurking here and getting ready to get some chicks, they are here! Twenty cuties, buff orpintong chicks arrived yesterday in the mail.

A few observations:

The box they arrived in was about the size of a shoe box, and when I picked it up, I would have sworn the box was empty, except for the box was chirping. Unbelievable, how light these chicks are...

Upon arrival home, dunked every one's beek into the waterer to make sure they drank some water, as it was advised here, on BYC. And they complied.

They found food immediately and started pecking, but water - they kept ignoring it. The waterer was sitting on a 2x4 block. So after a few agonizing minutes I broke down and put the waterer on the brooder's floor. They run over it at once and made a big mess. But at least they learned what the water is. Then I put the waterer back on the 2x4 and they started drinking.

First day they pecked at water as it was food. Some chicks pecked at drops of water hanging from other chicks beeks.

Amazing how they just crash in the middle of doing something. A chick would be walking and chirping, and then just ... crash. A few seconds of sleeping, and it's up again and running. So funny.

Second day. They drink water in a manner separate from eating. They don't peck at water anymore.

They discovered digging, and now all the food from the feeders is scratched to the floor where they eat it mixed up with poop; I guess it's more fun like this.

And now for some (low quality, but nevertherless adorable) pics. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!

The whole bunch:

Lucy is checking them out:

An unnamed chick (2 days old)

Another unnamed chick (1 day old)
Congrats on your new babies ! I got mine almost 3 wks ago. Aren't they adorable ?? I spend waaaay to much time talking and looking at them. I think they may end up knowing how to speak English ! But I want them to be people friendly.
So amazing how fast they grow and feather in. I got 4 different breeds and was in such a rush to get them out of the box...bigger then a shoe box...that I didn't notice the sections were labeled ! So I didn't know who was who. Got easier after the first wk. Also got 8 st run banties...assorted. That's been the most fun ! Trying to guess what is what.
Good luck and enjoy.
Rochester, MA
Thanks, guys! I think I became a better person after having chicks. I do have a permanent smile on my face. Speaking of time.... I did take two vacation days to "babysit the chicks", per DH. Who, btw, thought "he hated the chickens". Now, lookie who's checking the chickens in a brooder all the time
I love being with my chicks!! Mine are just 4 wks old this week, and I have a collection of 6 different brown layers. I have 24 of them here, but 12 belong to a friend who is planning on taking them soon ... Not sure if he is going to be able to get his !! I am enjoying discovering the different personalities of the different breeds. So far, the Dominique's are Very Personable, with the Black Aussies coming in second. The RIR and Buffs are getting more interested in becoming friends now, but the Wyandottes, both Gold and Silver, are still very shy. During my lurker stage, I understand that the girls personalities will under go further change after they begin to lay. This is fun watching them grow, and learning so much about them. I am really impressed with the on the job learning I am recieving!

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