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Aug 8, 2010
Well i hate to say this but its time to get rid of the roo. Its a barred rock roo 7 months old an now has gone after my wife 3 times and the kids about the same. The roo is fine with me ,never shows agression or anything. As soon as they go in without me the roo starts struting his stuff, fluffing out his feathers and then gets closer and closer to them till one gets scared and runs. Thats when he scratches them on their legs. What should I do, eat him, sell him, I dont know? I dont want to get rid of him because he is beautiful.
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eat him
Now I see your edit.

Roos are beautiful, and its cool to see them with their hens.
I do not have one because of the chance they will attack children. Had a couple, once they started the attacking, they were gone (gave away)
I'm not sure if it is an age thing, and they get nicer after awhile or not. Mine were about that age when they started attacking, but didn't keep them long enough to see if it improves.
My children are grown now, but now there are grandchildren here, so no roos for me.

Good luck

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Let your wife and kids show him who's boss. I had to do this to my roo. Get them a stick or I used a old hoe handle and chase him around for about 5 minutes every day. Make him run from you. Never back away or run from him. I know it's hard for kids to not run but that's showing him whose the head rooster. It's kinda like a dog gotta show whose the pack leader. I had to with my pit. Now when I go near mine he goes on other side of pen. I tapped him with the stick kinda like I was flogging him. Now all he has to do is see the stick and he heads the other way. This may take a few days or a week. But if you like him and don't want to get rid of him it's worth a try.
Must be the time of year for us all to face the roo's and what to do about them. Just yesterday I pullled our BR roo out of the flock and put him in the tractor. Because I have two roo's. Was waiting to see which one to keep. Now I am working on keeping both and making a second coop and run....and get the BR some girlies.

I think, and I am no expert but I am an avid reader, that it is the hormones setting in. It is normal behavior for them to 'protect' the girls. In my flock I can go in the run with no problems. My stepson goes in and the BO roo starts fluffing up and strutting.

But don't think I am feeling sorry for any of the roo's. I processed 7 mean ones already....and really, the probably were not mean as much as normal for the situation. We bought straight run and had more roo's than hens. I have sold 5 more. And if you need it I have a great recipe for Rooster and I have ever had. And I did not know if I could eat one.

There comes a point where you have to make the decision as to what is right for you and your family. I do know that the roo that I have put in the tractor is very unhappy about being alone but surely that is better than being beat up everyday by the alpha roo. If he can hang with me I am looking for a couple of girls and starting the 'duplex' next week. I have stopped my grandaughter from going into the run now. Don't want her to have to face a protective rooster. She is a softy but she was glad with the decrease in roosters too, even though we have had them since they were fluffy butts.

Things are much calmer but I am watching them closely. And I have a worn out broom that I carry in with me now....don't hit....just push away if needed. I also use it to push the hens gently back as I am the treat miester and they do crowd me.
I am trying to talk my wife into keeping the roo and doing what you all are saying, show the roo who is the boss. Since the first attack she wont go in unless someone is with her. So i guess we need to pray for my wife and the roo.
yummmm I'm thinking sausage and chicken gumbo...
Sorry got distracted by the gumbo reference! Love gumbo - miss it - my sister makes a pot of seafood gumbo every time I go home to visit. They live by Hammond (a small town, Tickfaw).

Anywhooo, no suggestions - I don't have a rooster - just had to post about the gumbo. Good luck & prayers for your wife/kids!
Just got rid of my roo this past weekend. He had been attacking everyone in our house for about a month now. He's just 7 months old. I had been trying to work with him, but it wasn't doing much good.

He attacked a lady in the cemetary next door to us. Her husband came over a day later to inform us "that he wasn't going to sue, just wanted us to be aware of it". We'll he's gone now. We gave him away. I couldn't eat him. Gonna miss him he was beautiful too.

At least now we can go outside without being attacked everytime we turn our back
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