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Hi all, I'm new to "chickendom" and have owned a rooster for 5 days now. He showed up on my daughters front porch a week ago and despite the fact that she has horses,dogs, cats and an Amazon Parrot, she has no desire to keep a chicken. I live in Southern Arizona (Sonoran Desert), have two married grown children, two grandchildren (12 and 8), two dogs, assorted African Cichlids, and going on 38 years with my husband. We also enjoy the numerous wild birds, and less numerous Javelina, Coyotes, and Bobcats that are native here.

"Chicken George" as my grandkids named him, is apparently healthy-lots of healthy feathers, clear eyes, good appetite, normal looking bird poopand has started crowing after 3 days of adjustment. He has what I think is frostbite on his comb and looks like scarring from previous frostbite. I cleaned his comb and wattles with water and applied vaseline to soften and prevent further frostbite, and fixed him a roost and protection from the cold in a large 12'x15'x6' dirt floored dog run. It's chain link AND is also topped by chain link. So he's safe for now. I have found only one place in this entire state that will take unwanted roosters and have contacted them to see if they have room for George. His crowing, I'm sure, if going to eventually become a "noise" issue with neighbors even though we are in the county and fairly rural. I also contacted a friend who has hens to see if she wants a rooster--hope she'll take him.

I am feeding him just chicken scratch that my daughter's husband bought when he found out they had another 'stray' show up at their door, but was advised by my daughter-in-law that scratch is "chicken candy" and that there are a lot of pellet feeds that supply better nutrition. I'm off the the feed store again!

So, after 5 days of enjoying this clucking, pecking, strutting bird, I'm hooked. I am reading everything I can find of breeds, eggs, coops, food, and the law and think I'm going to have a new hobby-and fresh eggs!

I'm really happy to have found a site that is so packed with information and knowledgeable people who are so helpful!

Nice to be here!
Terri (momgoose)
Poor roo! What a great thing that he knocked on your door!

This site is a tremendous resource, full of friendly, chicken-crazy people. I think you'll have lots of fun.
Thanks GardenGal! The guy I found that takes homeless roosters also raises show and guina fowl. He just emailed that he would take George. He's about 100-125 miles from here but we are going to Phoenix tomorrow anyway and he's just a short 'zig' from our route there! So great news! I'm going to finish researching chickens and probably get 3-4 hens to start, so I'll be around for awhile!

Thanks again for the welcome and I'm already having fun!

Welcome to BYC! Raising poultry can most definitely be addictive. And it was a very wise move joining this site. It is an invaluable resource for raising and caring for poultry....

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