I've hatched eggs six times this year, but I'm still too soft-hearted.

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  1. Well ladies and gentlemen of Back Yard Chickens, this is my sixth hatch. I've dealt with chicks with intestines coming out their rears, weakness, spraddle-leg problems, just plain ol' messed up ones. But, however, I think I learned my final and most painful lesson. DO NOT HATCH SMALL EGGS FROM LARGE EGG HENS. It was the last egg my Barred Rock layed before I sold her. Well, the egg was small and I decided to go ahead and hatch it. All the eggs hatched two days early, and the little egg hatched, much to my surprise after all I read. Well, on this fourth day of living, the little-egg chick is not doing so hot. It was the spraddle-leg, which I am attempting to heal with a bandaid, its weak, will not eat or drink except for what I put in its beak, and sleeps practically all the time and peeps a lot. I feel horrible for keeping it alive in such a state, but I cant let it go without a fight. I need advice here, please. Oh, and I have tried a little sugar water and smaller pieces of food. I'm wondering if giving it warm malt'o'meal would hurt it? I think it would [​IMG]

    Heres the little one in question(the little yellow one with the dot on its head):

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    I don't know what to tell you except this. As long as you honestly feel that what you are doing is in the best interest of the chick, and not solely in YOUR best interest, keep on doing what you're doing.

    Are you putting vitamins in their water? Sometimes if they have a tough time of it they need some vitamins and electrolytes. You just add a little to their water for 3 days or so, then stop for 2 weeks, then repeat.

    Good Luck!!! [​IMG]

  3. Thanks Laney [​IMG] I am doing this for this cute little baby. I have an owner for it already, whether it be a Cockerel or a Pullet. The person already loves it, though I dont know how since I'm taking care of them over fall break [​IMG] Tomorrow I am buying some electrolytes and vitamins to put in the water. Sunday I will decide on little Paint Drips fate. (Yeah, she named it already >.<)
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    I like to make a yogurt/sugar water slurry, that you can drop on the beak and make them drink. Add the vitamins to it. Make sure it is warm (you know like baby's milk) when you feed it.
  5. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea! Thank you very much insiderart!

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