I've never canned before!!


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May 25, 2009
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I just read somewhere that if I've never canned before I should avoid using a pressure canner for the first year. Really!? I have Nobody else I can bug with these questions, Grandma passed on in 2005, and all the older gals in the neighborhood all have passed on as well. I want to make jams and jelly, but I also want to can veggie soup, sweet corn, poke, and barbuque pulled pork. Can I do It? I got the blue book from ball, it says nothing about the pulled pork. Also I read that I should follow the recipe don't freelance! I want to can my own stuff. Isn't the process times and pounds of pressure whats important?
Have you got a canner? The Ball Blue Book is my canning bible. I usually avoid canning meats and choose to freeze my butchered meats. It also takes longer to process the meats than the veggies. And I'm not sure of BB-Q'd meats.
Jams and Jellies can be done with out canning process if for home use. I use a hot water bath to seal the jars as I sell at the farmers' market. And I want to make sure the seals don't pop off while being sold.
Their are a lot BYCers that can. And BYC has several sister sites,(check bottom of screen), that probably have a bunch of people who can foods.
I am also transitioning to the canners that just use the "jiggler" weights as the pressure gages get old and are expensive to replace.
If you have ever pressure cooked anything there is no reason you can't use a canner the first year of canning. IMO
Good Luck and ask questions, lots of questions.

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