I've never had a chick without built in GPS

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    I have a new coop/run for my bantams that were born the day after Easter and every night I have to use a "funnel" system to herd them up the ramp into the coop. I have tried everything including letting them stay out after dark with a light in the coop. They do not gravitate. Today we had fierce wind and rain and when I got home from work they were huddled in the corner of the run wet and unhappy. I herded them all up the ramp where they happily started preening and drying. They spent their infancy in the three season room until feathered, then one week in the coop before we let them outside into the run. They go down the ramp no issues and play all day on the ramp and go inside occasionally, then back outside to the run [​IMG] I have tried coaxing, catching, herding, lights, etc. I have never has this problem with any other young birds, help!!


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    May 17, 2011
    Its that big bad evil bedtime. That's why they won't go into the coop, they are having too much fun in the run. [​IMG]
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    Apr 12, 2011
    I'm not sure on what to tell you. Seems like you are doing everything right. The thing that worked for me was having a mixed flock of medium chicks with my bantams and silkie. My bantams and silkie had the toughest time with bedtime. Finally after three nights of watching the bigger chicks go to bed on their own, they followed suit. This is the first night the bantams and silkie put themselves to bed with the others without me coaxing them.

    I hope something works. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you [​IMG]

    By the way... what a lovely coop and run!
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    Quote:First of all I like your coop a lot. [​IMG]

    That's a very long high ramp. You might put some intermediate steps in to help them go up. I saw a great idea of using cable ties instead of bars cinched around to give some traction. At least till they get their "Coop legs". Then you just snip them off when they don't need them any more.

    You might also try removing the food about an hour before bed time then leave a trail of "bread crumbs" so to speak up the ramp reserving their dinner inside the coop for night time.
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    ur coop and run is awesome! personally i think they r scared of the ramp. It is quite high. Any way for a lower opening be made and therefore a lower ramp? mine is only about 10 inches off the ground and the ramp is 4-5 feet long so that the slope is low and not a big climb. I did put treats on the ramp the first couple of nights to try to get them in. They have been outside since Memorial Day Weekend and tonight when I went out all the girles had let themselves in! So they do eventually get the hang of it.
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    Quote:The bantam coop is next to my big girl coop and I thought that they would watch and take notes [​IMG] Nope, they apparently just wait for thir momma each night. I hope they catch on soon.
    By the way, got the coop (shed) on Craigslist for $125 and added the run with all recycled materials. The only other expenses were the hardware, some of the hardware cloth, and the roofing [​IMG]

    The food idea is a good one and the only thing I have not tried. Thanks I'll try that!!
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    Jan 13, 2011
    augusta, georgia
    By the way... what a lovely coop and run!

    I second that, very nice looking.​

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