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  1. hi all, i have made a "jabber" on my community profile, and when i post something, i cant see the line and below what i wrote in the "jabber". many other people have done it and i wnted to know how to do it? i will post a screen shot of what i mean.
  2. here we go with th screen shot.

    i took this from another thread in breeed and gender..

    can you see that line, and then the text that says"Rachel BB

    ran a fever and back in the hospital for IV antibiotics, etc. I do not do well in confinement! I'm a free range momma!

    please donate blood! I feel im single handedly depleting the entire red cross"? thats what i am talking about. although i put some text in my "jabber" it does not show at all in my post.. u can see for your self in this here, it is not showing "i love my chickens/hens :)".

    please tell me how to do the line onee. how to do the thing the person has done in the screen shot.

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