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    Decided to try incubating with the Janoel 48, so t I stuffed it full of duck eggs! The Janoel is an inexpensive incubator that I have been using as a hatcher and NICU, but was bored so deiced to try duck eggs in it. This is where it might get interesting, lol... most of the eggs are Muscovy eggs, which take ~35 days to incubate, but some could be quacker eggs which only take 28 days.

    My settings:
    • Forced air bator
    • 48 eggs stood fat end up in auto turner
    • Turner set to turn every two hours
    • Temp is 37.5
    • one water channel filled
    • humidity ranges from 35% to 55%, but trying to keep it at 45%
    Here is where I add water:

    My base looks like this:

    And these are my eggs:


    Note that a large duck egg interferes with the motor, so I chose not to use that spot, but it should be fine with smaller chicken eggs.

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    Good luck with your 'experiment' ! [​IMG]

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