January 18th Setting

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    Jul 19, 2009
    HI everyone! Well, the wife and I excitedly set our first batch of 42 on the evening of the 18th. After 5 stressful days we candled last night and only 3 were clear. I am going to give them some more time before chucking them to make sure they are really bad. The incubator drove me crazy the first three days after adding the eggs fluctuating temps and humidity and I just knew I had killed them all but wow what a comeback. Unfortunately one egg slipped and I put a serious crack in the shell so I opened it up and sure enough it was growing [​IMG] and a phoenix egg at that. I only have 5 phoenix hens and of them only 3 are laying. Anyhoo here's good luck to all of you who have eggs in the bators and to those who will be setting eggs in the new year.

    Lesson learned from research after setting eggs. Place a few on the side and hand turn until you have space in the auto turner... yes you are taking a chance of hand turning for 18 days but still not a bad tip from experienced hatchers.

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