Japanese Bantam Hatching Eggs 8 Black tailed white

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    My Daughters BTW Japanese bantams are laying quite well right now.

    Currently have 8 eggs that can be shipped out.

    heres a photo of some of the japs.

    here is one chick from the latest hatch.

    Could ship tomorrow if payment is made by the time the post office closes.

    The birds are NPIP tested, i have received the paperwork back from the tester but... haven't located the # on the paperwork... have to still look that over

    Paypal has to be made as a gift only otherwise I will only take money orders
    sorry for the inconvenience.

    Packaging will be a priority mail box with bubble wrap and shredded paper.

    Not responsible for damages during transit or for eggs not developing because of being xrayed or shaken during transit.

    current raitio is 1 roo to 2 hens so the eggs are fertile

    please also remember that 1/4 of all japs wont hatch even if fertile because they carry a lethal gene.

    Feel free to ask questions.
    the money from the sale of my daughters eggs go toward caring for her birds.

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