Jersey Giant?


9 Years
Dec 3, 2013
Hi, my family recently got 8 chicks. 2 of them were supposed to be Black Jersey Giants. They are 4 weeks old now and don't look like any pictures of Jersey Giants I have seen. Can someone offer some insight? Also one looks like it may be a male, am I right? Thanks.
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Yep, those are barred rocks. Second pic looks to be a boy due to that comb.

Another thing to consider about barred rocks is the sex linked nature of their barring (whiteness on the feathers). Males will have more barring. With both of these being about the same and that prime comb on the second one, I would keep a close eye on that first one as that may turn out to be a male as well.
I don't know if you have had any barred rocks but they are wonderful layers and have a stink eye that can kill lol. Sometimes the eggs almost look a little pinkish to me. This is my Barred Rock Betty the egg looks super pale on camera but it's actually a light brown pink color. Sorry about the chicken head blur in the background that's my Ginger as I'm trying to stop her from going after the egg that I'm holding. Anything out of the nesting box is a treat to her LOL
I spoke to the manager at the feed store where I got them today. She explained that the hatchery that they deal with did in fact accidentally send Dominiques instead of Jersey Giants. Thanks everyone for the help, I would have liked a few JG's but I am more than happy with the Dominiques.

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