Jersey Giants thread for pictures and discussion


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
OMG, there really is a Jersey Giant thread!! :thEvery time I talk JG I feel like I’m talking about a rare, newly discovered species. Nobody knows them, nobody knows where I can get more. My rooster Hero (avatar pic) is the 2nd love of my life, I bought him 2nd hand and never found his breeder. My girls Mary (blue/black) and Raven (black) are so lovely. Mary’s mom was a Maria Hall, her father (the black) was from a breeder in NJ, I can’t remember the name. Raven was also bred from that breeder’s stock. I am so afraid to get hatchery grade Jerseys, but I might be forced to this coming spring, I can’t find anyone who breeds them locally (southeastern PA, 60 miles west of Philadelphia). Any ideas on where to get some near me?

I will return for further reading!:love
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