Jet's Fight (Second Book in the Gingernut series)

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    So, the old thread's been shut down. Its getting dusty and to keep using it would only cause more problems for it so I'm going to ask a mod to close it. So, I'm starting a new thread, here for it. Below are the first chapters (with one new chapter added since the last update):

    Chapter 1

    It was warm, the sun shined, and a gentle breeze stroked the silky grass on the countryside. Stormy was living this moment up with her best friend, a cat named Jet. This was her favorite time of the year. Of course, this was her first year that she was alive.
    "Jet," Stormy asked, "what do you say we explore a little bit?"
    "Uh...." Jet replied, "don't you think we should ask our parents for permission first?"
    "Come on! We're 4 months old," Stormy protested. "We can take care of ourselves!"
    "Stormy," Jet argued, "I'm getting permission first."
    Stormy sighed in exasperation. "Alright, wuss."

    "No, you two aren't going," Fenix and Rocket scolded.
    "Okay, knock it off you two," Jazzy scolded. "Come on, let them explore the world a little! If you two are so worried, why not go with them?"
    "I love your thinking!" Nikki agreed.
    "Okay, sounds like a plan to me," Fenix agreed. "Jazzy and I are going with Stormy. Nikki and Rocket, you're coming with Jet."
    "YAY!!!!!" Jet and Stormy screamed at the same time.

    "Wow, this place looks pretty," Jet commented as they walked past a lake.
    "There's some tasty salmon in there too," Rocket said, hinting Nikki that he was hungry.
    "Oh, alright," Nikki said. "Come on girls, we're going to have lunch."

    Stormy and Jet ate their fish, and set off down through the countryside, completely forgetting about their parents.

    "Stormy! Stormy?" Jazzy called out as she began to get scared.
    "Jet! Jet where are you," Nikki called out with worry.
    "This is bad," Fenix commented as he searched around some rocks.
    "Can you smell them," Jazzy asked Rocket.
    "I'm trying, but I'm not picking up any scent!" Rocket replied.
    As worry began to set in, so did the sun. The parents realized that they wouldn't be able to find Stormy and Jet before it was dark, so they roosted up in a nearby tree, hoping to find the morning just around the corner...

    Jet and Stormy, however, completely disregarded the darkness and allowed the moonlight to lead them. Just at that moment, Jet remembered...
    "Uh, Stormy," Jet said with worry, "where are our parents..?"
    Stormy looked around, but saw nothing but a plain of grass.
    "Hey, what was that?!"

    Chapter 2
    Stormy ducked just as a screech owl swooped down nearby and picked up a field mouse. Even though they were a little scared, they still continued on, but they kept an eye out for another one of those things.

    Moonlight their only guide; they followed its glow across the chilly, misty night. Sleeping wasnt possible, nor was it safe. They heard mysterious and frightening hoots, and growls, and cries in the night. They had begun to wish that they were home, in their warm cave, and that they had never taken this exploring trip. They hoped to find morning just around the corner

    And morning came! They found a building of some sort down in a valley.
    Maybe we can find our parents there, Jet suggested. They agreed, and charged down towards it. But they were stopped halfway to a horrific cry.
    Somebody help me! Im going to die!!! a voice cried out.
    Someones in trouble, Stormy! We have to help them, Jet urged.
    But Jet, we could get ourselves hurt, Stormy protested.
    Stormy, we have to do this, Jet argued. What would you do if you were about to be killed?
    Stormy was cornered, but she wasnt going to lie. I would want help.
    Thats right! Now dont make someone else go without it!
    As much as Stormy just wanted to back out of this whole situation, there was no turning back now. Jet had already bolted down the hill, and Stormy didnt have a choice now but to follow.

    Jet, have you found the source of the cries, Stormy asked.
    I think theyre this way, Jet said, pointing to the grey building.

    They raced down to it, and saw chickens scattering everywhere.
    Somebody save us!! a voice called out.
    Whats happen- Oh my gosh!!!

    Chapter 3
    Jet turned around. The sight before her made her sick. A chicken's throat had been slashed. To the left, 4 other chickens were in scalding water.
    "Get us out of here!" a Cornish cross cried. "Or we'll be next!"
    The farmer then turned his head, looking for the next chicken, and saw Stormy. Both Jet and Stormy were alarmed.
    My gosh, he muttered, is this a new undiscovered wild breed of chicken? He then approached the two.
    Get away from her! Jet threatened as she laid her ears back and hissed. The farmer only tapped her with something in his hand. However, it was very sharp, and it cut a part of Jets shoulder blade. She screamed in alarm.

    Stormy ran around the barn with all of her strength, but the farmer did not give up. He continued chasing her until her sides hurt. Stormy felt like resting, but she couldn't! Not in this crisis!
    Jet did her best to chase and protect her friend, but she just couldnt keep up. Finally, the farmer dove down and grabbed Stormys tail feathers. She screamed in alarm as she flapped her wings frantically, but it was futile. The farmer carried Stormy out of the barn, to a small house, with Jet trailing behind.
    The farmer closed the door to the house behind him, and came out with a cage and some keys. He opened the door to his truck, inserted the keys, and placed Stormy in the back. Jet hopped in the back just in time as the farmer drove away.

    Chapter 4
    The ride was bumpy. Jet kept getting thrashed around, hitting hard onto the cold metal. If it would ever end Stormy and Jet didn't know. This trip down through the countryside wasn't fun anymore. It had turned into something lonely and frightening.

    After at least a few hours, the farmer took out Stormy. He was confused to see Jet in there, but shrugged it off and went into a tin building. Jet did her best to keep up with Stormy without being noticed too much.
    The farmer filled out a form at the desk, and placed Stormy in a cage down through an aisle. Jet hopped into the empty cage next to Stormy.
    "Do you know what's going to happen to us," Stormy asked Jet anxiously.
    "I know as much as you do," Jet replied.
    Another human came walking down the aisle and attempted to grab Stormy. She was carried off down into a separate room.
    "Bye Stormy," Jet whispered to Stormy. Stormy didn't have enough time to reply. A strange sound then came from above.
    "And here it looks like a new breed of chicken!" The crowd cheered with excitement as Stormy came into view.
    "Is it possibly a BO/BR cross?" someone asked.
    "No, a cross wouldn't have extraordinary colors like that," another shouted.
    "Whatever the case may be, the owner of this magnificent bird will receive $100!!!" the announcer announced. Stormy was then taken back to her cage.

    "That was exciting," Stormy said to Jet.
    "Yeah," she replied. "And, you know, not to be offensive or anything, but I don't see what's so "magnificent" about you feathers..."
    "I don't either," Stormy replied, gazing at her feathers. The farmer soon walked down the aisle and carried Stormy off. Jet tried to free herself, but the door wouldn't open!!
    "Look what you earned me, girl," the farmer cooed at Stormy, shoving the dollars in her face. "You're going to be coming regularly to things like these! Now now, don't escape from me!!"
    Stormy didn't understand a word the farmer was saying. And frankly, she didn't care. All she was concerned about was getting Jet out of here.
    "Now, I'm not going to be too happy with a runaway bird," he said to Stormy. With that, he carried Stormy off out to his truck, started it, and drove off.

    Jet was now in full panic mode. She tried to lift the latch on her cage frantically, but with no success.
    "Hey, what's with all of the racket over there?!"

    Chapter 5

    "W-who said that," Jet asked with worry.
    "Quit being such a freak, cat," a nearby lop rabbit said.
    "I've got to get out of here!" Jet cried.
    "You can't," the rabbit replied with exasperation. "Why are you in such a hurry?"
    "That chicken is my friend and she'll die if I don't help her," Jet replied.
    "So you're saying you're indispensable," the rabbit replied with even more exasperation in his voice. Jet sensed that this rabbit wasn't going to be of any great help.
    "No I'm not, its just-"
    "No justs, the rabbit demanded. You think that you're indispensible. That isn't a good state of mind.
    "Alright, then how about you be a little more useful and tell me how to get out of this cage!" Jet suddenly went off on the rabbit. She was sick of all of his exasperation, after all!
    "I'm sorry," the rabbit apologized in a much more sincere tone. "I don't really have advice for getting out of a cage, because I'm a rabbit, but I'm sure you can find a way out."
    "I just tried," Jet replied. She was beginning to get very frustrated and worried.
    "Don't talk like that!" A horse in a stall scolded. "If you can get yourself in there, you can get yourself out."
    Just as the horse said that, the truck that which brought Jet and Stormy here drove out onto the highway.
    Too late now, Jet said with sadness as she watched the truck drive away.

    Chapter 6

    Dont get discouraged, the horse encouraged.
    Why, Jet asked. I dont remember the way.
    So what, a heifer down the aisle replied. If you just let them get away, youll never find her. If you try, you have a chance. A small chance, maybe, but a chance!
    These words encouraged Jet. Thanks, guys. Now, does anyone know how to unlock this latch?
    I cant do a latch, but I can bust you out, the stallion offered.
    Would you mind, Jet asked.
    No, the stallion replied.
    Do you think it would cause too much trouble, Jet asked.
    No, the stallion replied as he began to get exasperated. Do you want me to help you out or not?
    If it wouldnt cause too much trouble, Jet replied.
    Alright then, the stallion said. He let out a loud whinny as he reared, and began to beat upon the lock on his stall. The humans heard this and soon rushed to calm the horse.
    Stay away from me, he yelled. This is none of your concern!
    A particular human ran into a room at the back of the aisle, grabbed something long, and whipped it at him. It made a windy noise as it slapped the stallions flanks. Now, Orion (the stallions name) was raging mad. He continued to buck, scream, and rear as he tried to break out of his stall. The human with the whip foolishly unlocked his stall, where Orion bolted out. The crowd of humans scattered in all different directions, away from the stallion. He went after the man with the whip, seeking revenge. The human darted into the room where he got the whip, and picked up a shotgun. Orion stopped in his tracks. 3 loud pows screamed throughout the building. Orion staggered, but did his best to continue standing. A bullet shot through his upper left leg in the higher region, near his chest, and one of his ears. The other barely missed. The human pulled the trigger once again, but no bullets shot out.
    Darn it, he cursed under his breath as he clenched his teeth. The darn guns jammed. Orion noticed this and used the moment to his advantage. He charged down the aisle once again, towards the human.
    Dont do it, the human warned. Orion paused. If you injure me, someone is going to call Animal Control!
    Quit speaking your gibberish, human, Orion demanded condescendingly. If youre threatening me, chill out. I could kill you right now if I wanted to. If youre admitting that youre an idiot, good.
    Attaboy, Orion! Give it to him, the heifer encouraged.
    Keep yourself out of this, Orion demanded. Cat, I never caught your name. Mines Orion.
    Im Jet, Jet replied. You have a nice name.
    Thanks, you do too, Orion replied in a polite manner. Jet, Im gonna bust you out of here. He then charged at Jets cage. Jet cowered in fear.
    Hey! Dont you dare kill that cat or that rabbit, the human yelled. Orion only rolled his eyes. Humans were so stupid.
    Nononononono, Jet cried as Orion reared up. He came down hard onto Jets cage. The human reacted immediately; he charged into the room and started searching for something.
    Barely missed, Jet thought. Can I get out yet? she called out to Orion.
    Not yet, Orion replied. I need to tear at least a small cut in the wire, and from there you can squeeze out.
    The human rushed out with a black whip. He cracked it at Orion, trying to shoo him away.
    Dont fight me, Orion yelled. He charged the human, dodged the whip, and knocked him unconscious as he came down onto his ribcage.
    That should give us some time to sneak out, Orion said. He pounded Jets cage once again.
    After about 6 tries, he finally had bent the wire enough and broke it.
    You can get out now, Orion said. Jet slipped out of the crack.

    Thanks for helping me, Jet said to Orion.
    Not a problem, he replied. I can escort you out of here as well, if you wish.
    Sure, Jet replied.

    Goodbye, Orion, the heifer said sadly to Orion.
    "Don't miss me, he replied. Just think; after I escort this cat back to her friend, I'm going to be a wild stallion that's free. Heck, if I can find a few mares, maybe I'll even lead a herd of my own."
    "Well, I hope that you'll be happy in the wild," the heifer sighed.
    "I'm sure I will," Orion comforted the heifer. Well, everyone, we better get going before that human regains consciousness.
    Goodbye, Orion, the rabbit called. Soon, chickens, cats, dogs, other horses, cows, and even a tiger all said goodbye to Orion, their friend.

    Jet and Orion, walked calmly out of the barn, into the sunset, where a life's journey awaited them.

    Chapter 7

    This trip with Orion continued for about 3 days, before the next spark of activity occurred. They were now, deep into the wilderness, far from humans. Not that this wasnt a problem; they wanted to be away from humans. In fact, they ran. They ran from those two legged monsters as quickly as they could. Now they found themselves deep into a forest, with redwoods, pines, evergreens, and such. Squirrels happily pranced about, sparrows played, and all seemed to be well.
    All of the sudden, the birds stopped chirping their cheerful songs. The squirrels all ran and hid into their trees. Jet didnt know if this was just an awkward silence, or if it was something else
    Orion, this is weird, Jet said to Orion warily.
    Aah, don't be scared, Orion encouraged. Wild animals are strange things, Jet. Besides, I'll protect you if something happens.
    Suddenly, Jet heard something rustling in the bushes! Was it Stormy? Definitely not...
    Out jumped 3 hungry bobcats, all hungry, savage animals. And they were looking Orion and Jet directly in the eye...
    Orion, we've got to do something! Jet urged.
    Stay back, Orion ordered. I'll handle this!

    Chapter 8

    "I feel ali-" Sunny tried to exclaim.
    "Shh," Fenix scolded softly.
    Fenix sensed something. He knew that something horrible had happened. He didn't know what had happened, or who it had happened to, and quite frankly, he didn't want to know. But his daughter and his daughter's friend had been missing for a week now; he wasn't going to risk anything.
    "Which way do you think that they went," Nikki asked.
    "I don't know," Fenix replied with exasperation. "Its not like I followed them down here!"
    "Hey," Nikki replied defiantly, "I don't even want to be here! Its your fault for even crossing that idea into my mind!"
    "Hey, I was the one who came up with that idea," Jazzy argued.
    "See! I can't think straight! I haven't slept in a week," Nikki replied.
    "Listen, Jet is your kitten," Fenix replied with even more exaspertion. "I don't want to be out here either.
    "Don't talk like that to her," Rocket yelled.
    "Can we just quit yapping and start moving?" Jazzy yelled.
    "Alright. Sorry," Fenix said. They all then walked off into the field without a peep.

    "That was crazy," Jet said to Orion after he killed all of the coyotes.
    "Just doing my job," he replied.
    They eventually came to the edge of the forest, where a large lake greeted them.
    "This doesn't look too good," Jet said.
    "Hop on my back," Orion offered. "We have to swim, but I think I'm tall enough to keep you nice and dry."
    Jet reluctantly climbed a nearby tree and jumped onto Orion's back. He slowly walked into the cold lake. It sent a chill down Orion's spine from the cold, but he continued walking through the lake, where a pile of mountains in the distance waited for their arrival.

    Stormy was freaking out. Jet had been left behind a few days ago. Now, she had no one to protect her. What did she know about these humans? They could kill her if they wanted to!
    Suddenly, the truck stopped. The human walked around the truck, picked up her cage, and left her in the barn.
    "JET! JET! SOMEONE!" she yelled, hoping that someone would hear her and come to help.

    After many hours of crying and screaming, she finally gave up. Maybe no one was going to save her. She then simply tucked her head under her wing and fell into an uneasy sleep.

    Chapter 9

    After an exausting 2 day trek through the mountains, Orion and Jet had made it through the mountains. Orion would have enjoyed the warm sunlight beaming down onto his back, the gentle breeze brush against his face, and the soft grass massaging his hooves if he weren't so exausted.
    "We need to find someplace to rest," Orion said, beginning to flop over. He then spotted a willow tree, and slowly trotted over there. He flopped over after Jet had hopped into the tree. Orion fell asleep almost seconds after. Jet decided that she would catch some food while he rested. She had the advantage of riding him, so she fell asleep a few times during the ride. But no creature like a cat or horse could survive in the like that mountains for long, so she was very hungry by now. She saw a few squirrels scurrying about in some nearby maple trees.
    "They might be tasty," Jet thought as a smile grew on her face. She hopped down from the tree and ran over, ready to hunt.

    Stormy was irritated. This human was horribly condescending, not to mention he had put her in the back the truck! It was incredibly loud; all the other trucks and cars zooming past at high speeds and the wind almost blowing her feathers off. How long was she going to be in this torture machine anyway?

    Jet slowly encroached onto the squirrel's tree as it nibbled on an acorn. It didn't notice her yet. She slowly walked down her branch on the tree- but the squirrel then peeked between the two other branches. He saw Jet's shadow, and bolted up the limb. Jet zoomed up the branch, only to find 2 other limbs sticking from it. How was she going to catch her prey now? But she soon saw a rattle on the limb on the right. She bolted up there, but soon saw another rattle on the left limb! She bolted over there, but just when she almost had his tail, he leaped over to the last limb.
    "Wonderful," she muttered. "He's going to play this stupid game with me." She then leaped onto the creature, knocking it to the ground. Finally, she had something to eat!

    Soon, the truck stopped, and the human came out of the cockpit. He grabbed her carrier and began walking towards a building of some sort. The sky had darkened from a bright sunset into an eerie twilight color. The lights were dim, but were enough to illuminate onto the cracking, aging crimson brick, giving it a dark, grim look.
    Inside, it didn't look as grim as it did on the outside. It was still grim, but not nearly as bad as outside. The lights, somehow illuminating the hallway before them, were buzzing and clearly dying. Down the hallway there were some horse stalls, now rusty and hardly useful anymore. There was a rusty door with a stand that spun around to some other room on the other side in the direction they were heading. Bright stadium lights shone through; making the whole place look much less... dark. Over here, it felt like all of the happiness in Stormy's soul was being sucked away. The farmer soon unlocked her crate, and grabbed her, as usual.
    "You're an idiot, you know that," she said casually to the farmer. He only placed her on the stand on the rusty door.
    "Show them what you've got girl!" the farmer encouraged. Stormy only rolled her eyes. Outside, she heard an announcer call.
    "And now, the first competitor, show number 2276, the new undiscovered chicken breed!" The door was then swirled around, and revealed a large stadium like place. The crowd immediately began cheering. Stormy was very angry. She immediately took to the ceiling, flying around the room. The crowd went crazy, trying to get away from the bird. A few humans tried to catch her, including the dumb farmer, but Stormy got away. She flew and ran. She ran from that place as quickly as she could.
    "I-I'm free again," Stormy exclaimed, looking back on the now dot sized building. But she looked up to the sky, and saw the beautiful sparkling night sky and the outline of pine trees.
    "Its night," she thought to herself. She began resenting herself and Jet again just for wondering too far from their parents.
    "If I hadn't gone exploring this would never have happened," she sulked. She hopped up onto a pine tree and feel into a deep, uneasy sleep.
    To be continued
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    However, they are very short chapters, kinda more like scenes.
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    Yeah, sort of noticed that. But I did all of that back in October, so future chapters should be better. = )
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    Chickens are awesome? I'll write a new chapter as soon as you post here = )
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    Sorry, this writing is taking longer than I thought = / Its almost finished though.
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