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    Ok, so I know that I am getting way ahead of myself, but in the next couple years I will be picking my BBS Orp project up again. I want to utilize this time to plan and figure out what my strategy will be for creating a line that is set apart.

    For a long time I have been toying with the idea of putting a nice typie Blue Orp roo over a flock of black JG hens and seeing if that will improve the size and type of my Orp flock. I chose JG because they have the same comb type, as well as darker legs, much like the Orp. Also, their greater size is something I find attractive. Once those chicks hatch, I would cross them back into the pure Orp line and continue tweaking/breeding/culling until I get the desired result.

    My question is this. Do you guys think there are any potential genetics problems, or other issues that will arise that I am missing? What do you think I might be able to expect from such a pairing? Would I need to get black JG hens from a BBS line, or will the same genetic rules (in regards to BBS colors) apply for regular black JGs?
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    There are many many many quality Orps already available. I believe it would cheaper for you to purchase some of those.
    Read in you APA Standard of Perfection book. There are numerous differences. Just a couple here:
    Male tail angle: 45* in Jersey Giants, 25* in Orps
    Color: Shanks and toes:
    Jersey Giant: Nearly black or dark slaty blue, with a tendency toward willow; black preferred. Underpart of feet, yellow.
    Orps: Leaden blue, bottom of feet and toes, pinkish white.

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