Jinx breed question


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5 Years
Jul 2, 2014
Upstate New York
Meet Jinx. I now assume this lovely bird is a he, but I have no idea of the breed so I'm not sure. I ordered six sexed chicks, four of which were specific breeds and two were to come from the rare breeds. Ida is a RIR named after my grandmother, Buffy is the buff brahma, Coco (Chanel or Puff depending on who you ask) is the Cochin, Georgia is a Salmon Faverolles, and Bernice is the other random one, and white with black ruff and black tail feathers. The others are definitely girls, but Jinx challenges them, puffing up especially at Ida. I have a couple photos with the others to show relative size and coloring. I've paged through all sorts of breeds and I'm at a loss. They were hatched May 23. The photos are from today. Thanks.


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