Joined Facebook and regret it now.....deleted page


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Nothing like being attacked on facebook by in - laws for everyone to see. I was so embarrassed and hurt, now attacking me on email. Deleting facebook and ignoring emails at least it seems to have calmed down in the last 24 hours. I think she got the message, I hope......

I saw alot of negative stuff posted by my husband's family should have know I would eventually 'ruffle' there feathers by something I did too. How can people be so attacking and think it is okay on a public forum for everyone to see??? Sad to live a life so negative, glad I have a better perspective on things than they do.
I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience with Facebook.
I love Facebook but choose my "friends" wisely and not all of my inlaws have made it in there. I also think there is a way that you can prevent certain "friends" from posting on your page... and of course completely BLOCK people that are abusive. I hope things improve. So many people say things on by email that they would NEVER say in person and then when Facebook gets thrown in there, say things publicly that they shouldn't be saying at all... Being hurt by family (even by marriage) is terrible... I'm hoping that your hubby is there to give you kisses and hugs. Just remember that when people are being hurtful (bullying really) it isn't you, it is them and the demons that they are wrestling with. Take care of yourself.
I joined it, too, begrudgingly. Regretted it. Deleted it. Haven't missed it. I think Facebook comes back to bite folks in the behind many times. I'd rather be anonymous. If someone can't email or pick up the phone and call, then don't bother posting on Facebook, is my attitude. To me, that makes them fake, sorry if that is insulting--it isn't aimed at anyone in particular. My in laws, who rarely contact us or tell us any news, are all over Facebook.
Dont let them run you off! Make another page and just dont make them 'friends' on it...
My husband works out of state alot, I had alot of my mom's family and my dad's family on my page. Funny thing is my MIL was the one to get me to join! LOL Oh well, I know where I stand with them and never felt like they really liked me anyways.
I too joined it last year, for about 5 minutes. Never even stayed on long enough to get a good OR bad posting or whatever they're called. I agree on being anonymous. I just wish my oldest DD felt the same although she gets on rarely, I do see what some of the people post and it's the most inane things. For some people it's like a public diary.
It is like a public diary for some, sad! I posted positive quotes and uplifting quotes - tried to be as positive as I could be.
I like my facebook page, but i am VERY Careful who I add and what i say. Though I do have some familiar BYC friends on it.

I hope your in-lawns leave you alone.


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