Joining in from PA


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Beaver County, PA
First...thank you for this wonderful site! I've enjoyed lurking for quite a while now and you-all have already taught me soooo much!

We are located in Beaver County (western PA). After not having chickens for about 15 years, we decided to set up a small flock. In May, we purchased 4 Blue & Black Ameraucana's from a wonderful farm near New Castle. She shows her chickens and I really enjoyed meeting her and learning more about the breed. These were straight run and I had hoped for 3 hens - 1 roo (and who doesn't!!) but ended up with 3 roos and 1 hen!! LOL!

I've named them after the characters on "Desperate Housewives" cause I figured there'd be enough girl names (again...silly me). My beautiful big roo is Carlos and my only hen, who is almost silver looking, is Gabby!!! We are actively looking for homes for the other 2 roos...

Since Carlos and Gabby are sooooo beautiful, I plan on entering them in our local fair this year if I can figure out how to do it. I've never entered anything in the fair but I'd like to show them off if I can.

We also have 4 Rhode Island Reds who are a few weeks younger and I'm waiting to see what developes there! I'm not naming these since I was way off with the others! Hopefully I will have a Mrs. McCluskey, Susan, Bree and Lynette!!!

Again, thank you all for sharing ... I know it has made a difference in how I've raised my little ones!

Trish...a.k.a hannakat
It sounds like you are already having a great time with your chicks. Hope you are able to find good homes for your roosters. Maybe the odds will be better with the RIRs. Cheers and welcome from California!
Hi HannaKat! And welcome to BYC!

A word of warning: BYC IS addicting for some reason, you may wake up in the middle of the night to log on. I can't really figure out what our Master Nifty Chicken does to make this so, but I've done it myself a time or two.
It is also a WEALTH of knowledge and a generally great place to be, even for little peeps. If you have any yard/house/barn work to do, you may need to do it before logging on, cause it is so hard to get off line.

I love showing our chickens, but we don't do much of it. One huge word of caution is BIOSECURITY. Spend some time on here researching it, that is my main fear of showing. Otherwise, it is very easy.

It is a pleasure to have you join us here.

Hello from Westmoreland Co.
I used to watch Desperate Housewifes, too! I've been looking for a few Easter Egger or (preferably) Amerurcana hens around my area! Do you think that seller had any more left?
, Hello so glad you decided to join us here. There are a lot of great people here. Wait until you get into the chicken math, then the fun really begins. LOL.
Hope you find good homes for the roos.
Good luck with the RIR... hen vibes coming your way.

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