Jonny Anvil's.... "The Broowery" Brooder (still in progress)

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    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to share some pics and info on our Brooder house.... I like to call "The Broowery" [​IMG]

    So it all started out with a 10x10 shed package from Totem.
    Built the shed on two 12ft 4x4 skid posts cut both end like skis. If i want to I can pull the whole setup behind the 3/4 ton [​IMG]:

    Power is run to the Coop and we have a 4 way split with a kill switch we also found at Totem that works great, you will see the yellow power box in the pics.

    Once the shed was complete and in place I decided to section it off into three areas, two 5x6 brooders one fully enclosed as we breed pheasants, and one open (still needs to be completed) and then a 4x10 storage area.
    The enclosed brooder has a pop door leading out side but is currently sealed up. There is an additional 8x8 outdoor enclosure that is attached to that same side... The Dark side [​IMG]

    On the Dark Side, we have our Pheasant chicks currently at 3 weeks old, outside neighbours are our older pheasant chicks. Over on the light side we have the Light Sussex Chicks.... LOL (sussex = left side / Pheasants= enclosed right side)

    Here are some pics

    Chain link gate adds some protection from certain predators... but we close the doors at night to be safe.
    Their food is all stored in plastic stack-able bins you can see behind the chain link fence.


    The Light Side

    The Dark Side

    The Outside...
  2. kathyinmo

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    Very very nice! You are gonna have very happy chickens!
  3. joletabey

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    Apr 9, 2009
    western NC
    Jonny- really nice- I would love a set up like that!
  4. Jonny Anvil

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    we just moved our Light Sussex out and into the "Deuce Coop" and moved in our 3 week old Buff Orpingtons and our 3 day old Light Sussex, Barred Rocks, RiR's and New Hampshire Reds into the Left hand Side of the Brooder.

    The Pheasant chicks will be coming out soon and into a new pen in the coming weeks.
    Been building lots and running low on time and funds now...

    Thanks for the comments I appreciate it.


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