Jonny Anvil's.... "The Deuce Coop" (still in progress)

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    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to share some pics and info on our Chicken Coop, named by me as "The Deuce Coop".....what can I say I'm a rat rodz, rockabilly, greaser kinda guy [​IMG]

    Just like "The Broowery", it all started out with a 10x10 shed package from Totem and I also built this shed on two 12ft 4x4 skid posts cut both end like skis. I finished majority of the coop up on the Driveway before I towed it into it's new home.

    I call this coop "The Deuce Coop" cause just like our brooder house, it is also split in two, each coop side is 8x5 with a 2x10 storage area. Both sides are completely enclosed using just basic chicken wire and 2x2 doors. I put a 4x8 sheet of 7/16 OSB length wise and attached chicken wire to that and up to the roof. Helps with ventialtion to not fully enclose the area. Nest boxes will be in the center wall away from the outside.

    I will have a few pics up now but need to take more as I finally finished the inside of the one side of the split coop.

    In the below photo's the pop door is not done, the nest box is not installed and so on. But here they are... check back as I will be adding more pics soon



    After posting this pic i realized that there is a small "dog leash" clipped on the door... lol that would be my little 5yr old niece, she was walking her stuffed pony and she did say that she had tied em up in the barn.... Too cute.



    The whole set up.... from left to right "The Deuce Coop", "The Duck Hut" and "The Broowery"

    More Pics to come in the next few days....

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Love it all! [​IMG]
  3. Jonny Anvil

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    Thank you very much!
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    Great coops you have there! [​IMG] That is alot of work!
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    western NC
    Jonny, are you putting siding on them, or painting them or what? I like the idea of a kit, makes me think I could build something that big, too.
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    Love the coop !!! Do you have a door to the outdoor fenced area? Do you have netting over to top of the fenced area? I am looking for an idea for a fenced area... are they 4x4's? Looks great!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thank you again [​IMG]

    I do have a door, that pic was taken before I installed it I was letting them free range and locked them in with some treats for the pic...
    The front of the coop was wide open and they went in and out through there. There is netting over the area so when I am not around they have protection from hawks.

    The bottom boards of the run are pressure treated 2x4 the up rights are just spruce 2x4's. There is a gate so when I am home they can get out and roam the yard, how ever they do cause a great deal of trouble as they are the oldest and they have to let everyone know.

    However my Ducks are the true landlords... they put the chickens in their place half the time.

    The pop door is in, the run is covered in fly netting, and the nest boxes are in as well.

    here are updated pics...

    Nest boxes
    Made these nest boxes from a recycled cubby shelve that was once a boot rack at a Daycare/Kindergarten. I was able to make 5 of these from the whole shelve. [​IMG]

    Going to raise their Roost up higher and put a slant over the nest boxes.

    PVC Feeder


    Filling the feeder.

    Every now and then I have to manually shake the tube so it moves into the trough but other than that it works great!

    The Pop Door


    My Rooster Checking out the pad.
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    Quote:This year we kind of blew the budget... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] So we are going to paint for now, clean out and insulate before our Cold Alberta winter and then we will be doing vinyl siding next year.

    The nice thing about these package deals is that they come with everything you need, you can even get so many extra's for them as well, like siding packages and even windows as well as shelving and interior panels.

    I was able to build these two sheds with little to no help.
  9. Jonny Anvil

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    It is alot of work indeed....
    I even lost close to 25lbs while doing the three projects! [​IMG]

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