Joy got stuck in a hole!

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  1. So I was out supervising the chickens while they were free ranging. I let them go up on this hill we have next to our fence. There is a 10" wide trench between it and the fence. My buff Orpington Joy was eating bugs and slipped into this hole! She started squawking and trying to flap. She was wedged in there super tight! I couldn't get my hands under her to push her up! I quickly herded the four others back into the run, and ran to the house screeching for my boyfriend. I said "Joy fell in a hole. I can't get her out". He didn't say anything, just put on his shoes and we both ran for the hole. Joy was in there, fighting to get out. I fed her some mealworms and then hypnotized her to keep her calm. My boyfriend dug next to her for almost 45 minutes. When he finally freed her, she popped out of the hole, completely unharmed and made a mad dash for the coop. I opened the door and she ran in and her sisters crowded around her squawking! I'm so thankful we were able to get her out unharmed. Has anyone else's chickens ever gotten stuck in places? Tomorrow im going to fence off the hole!
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    That's a scaredy hole. I'm glad you were there to see it happen otherwise you might not have known where she was. I have had a chicken stuck behind a stack of hay bales that ended help.
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    So glad you were able to get her out. :fl
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