Joy scraped her beak on hardware cloth

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  1. Today, I was wearing a ring and held my finger up to the hardware cloth around the run so my 10 week olds could look at it. Joy, a buff orpington, stuck her beak through the hardware cloth and pecked the ring. 5 minutes later, I noticed blood on her beak. I managed to catch her and bring her into the house. Me and my boyfriend cleaned the blood off with a paper towel and saw that a little piece about halfway up the right side of the beak had been scraped off a bit. It was still attached to her beak. We put some Vetericyn spray on it and returned her to the coop. She can still eat and drink, I saw her do both after we brought her back, and is acting normal. No one else has been bothering it. Should I do anything else further?
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  3. I will get a photo tomorrow morning, it's dark now! Thanks for your help!

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