Jp ffm. new hatchling


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5 Years
Sep 11, 2014
New to all this just started learning to control the temperature on my still air incubator help.
Sorry I have never used an incubator but, more responders should be coming on that can assist you.

Meanwhile go to the forum spot above, then hover over "Raising Backyard Chickens," The menu will open to the right side with incubating and hatching eggs, etc.. You can continue on to more information. This should give you some help.
Glad you joined us!
Thank you, Some of my eggs hatched this morning 21 day's on the pip I hope there is more I had to a trip ans when I got home to check the incubator the temperature was at 103.7 not sure for how long.
Does any one know where I can buy a good black copper marans blood line ? And what is a good blood line?
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Congrats on the hatch this morning! I hope the rest of them hatch soon. :)

You might want to stop by your state thread and chat with your chicken neighbors to see if anyone locally has them or knows where you can get them. Scroll through this link to find your state thread...

Good luck finding these birds and your incubator!! :)

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