Jumbo Bully


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I have a one quail that i had to put in solitary.

He was making everyone in the hutch frantic and pulling at their feathers and poking their eyes chasing them from side to side

They are only 3 weeks old and but pretty big.

The hutch is big enough for the 20 of them 7' by 3' by 2' high

I have two of the same size hutches and he would terrorize everyone no matter which one he was in.

Everyone would run to one side to get away from him then once he was alone he would go to the side everyone was in....

So i have him solitary in an extra old rabbit hutch.

i have not sure what else to do with him besides cull him

but it seems a little early if he can still eat and get bigger for the diner table.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated???????????????????????????????

well you're later statement seems right....for the dinner table

maybe just keep him alone, maybe with one hen to keep him company? i'd say build him up and see what he's made of....so to speak.
Let It Ride... For Now Its Just A Youngin And 5 Weeks Can Make A World Of Difference In Quail.

Besides Usually In Coturnix Its The Hens That Are Larger

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